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International report

International report from Borneo about the increasing deforestation.


A documentary about the football tournament for mentally disabled kids called Kim Källström trophy after the professional football player Kim Källström who created it.
( With English subtitles)


A trailer from the documentary about the conflict in Cyprus. Thomas produced it as a VJ.


Trailer from the documentary about Robin Trygg-the youngest Swede to reach the summit of Everest (photographer)


Aiming for success.
Created, produced and also participated himself in the TV-format aiming for success in Swedish called Framgång i sikte. Thomas followed 4 different people with different ambitons and goals in different sports for one year. As a journalistic experiment he also tried to live as an professional 800-metre runner to see how good he would become.

Information Campaign

Been producing movies for the non-profit organization Goodsport. This one is about their project “the job chance”. They aim to help young people from the suburbs to get jobs.