Thomas Pickelner has for several years been giving guest lectures about videojournalism at Södertörn University. He has also been invited to do so in the school of media and Journalism in Aarhus and in Utrecht University of Applied Sciences.

He also make courses about videojournalism and how to work as one man band.

The demand for skilled videojournalists has increased significantly, and in the future it will most probably be a requirement by many TV-stations and newspapers with TV-platforms online.

Since 2008, Thomas has worked professionally as a video reporter producing everthing from news items to producing documentaries and TV-formats.


His own background

Bachelor in Journalism and multimedia from the Sodertorn University in Stockholm. 2006-2009
He also been taken a one-year course in international reporting with focus on the EU at the school of media and Journalism in Aarhus, Denmark and Utrecht University of Applied Sciences The Netherlands. 2011-2012
Safety course for journalists in dangerus areas FOJO 2014.